Well, I am in need of funds while waiting for freelance payments to come in, so here are some new commission options!!


Palette sources: 100 palette challengeColourPod.com

Please contact me at ceejay.matlack@gmail.com for questions and commission inquiries. This is also my PayPal address.


Oh my dear lord I just noticed a bad mistake. By “half body or halfbody”, I meant to type "half body or bust". Oh my lord I am so sorry XD

I’ve been due for a phone update for a couple…..few….?? years now?? So I was able to snag a Galaxy Note 3!!!!! This thing is HOLY HECK! My first smart phone and it’s a mini tablet!

After doing basic setup I immediately installed the mobile Sketchbook. I did not expect this phone to have such nice capability for sketching, so I am incredibly pleasantly surprised (you know, aside from getting caught up with the times). 

I can’t really do much more than sketching at the moment, but I will probably offer $7 sketch commissions while I’m away from the PC. 

Ack, nevermind, looks like Emofuri is for non-commercial purposes only. I'm still interested in a waist-up from you though if you're willing! <3

I could do just the PSD, and you can get someone else to help put it through EmoFuri (non-commission of course)~

Assuming you want a commission that looks like Lani, I’d estimate the price to be $60, since there is a bit of extra work involved. But, if you wanted a regular waist-up, then it would be $50.

Adventures in trying to get this program to work right. Things are still broken even after hours of adjustment in EmoFuri. Maybe my style just isn’t appropriate for it XD

These are the default test animations, btw.

I don't even mean realistic shading, but rather basic Cel Shading - even that is to hard for me.

Cel shading can honestly be more difficult until you have the hang of it. To get the shadows to look right, you have to cut down more defined shadows efficiently. So, really, I would recommend studying realistic shading first. 

Hey! I somehow don't understand shading at all, and all the tutorials I saw, were just like: You need a light source direction. I get it. But my problem is still: How do I know on what places I need to set a shadow/highlight and what shape must the shadow have? Is there a trick?Thanks, if you answer.

An important thing to keep in mind is the type of material you’re shading. Different materials have different levels of reflection, contrast, bounce light, penumbra, etc and shading everything the same way can make a painting look boring. Example: chrome is pretty much reflections warping around the shape (tube, sphere, etc), whereas a bright yellow cotton shirt will have no highlights and low contrast. 

You must consider the strength and number of your light sources. A sun high in the sky on a clear day will yield harsher shadows than a small room lamp.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to portray the overall shading first before thinking about textures, which is an extra level of shading on a smaller scale. Get the big things down before you start working into the little things. 

I hope this helped!