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Hey all! 

Decided to wade through episode 2 so I could find reference, and it turns out there is a lot more than I expected! I hope these are a good resource for anyone who is looking to submit some of their work here. 

SO here’s the requirements!

1. Must be in color. I would prefer to have these as polished as you can get, but color is the utmost importance.
2. Must appear to be a phone screen.
3. Must be proper aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9).
4. Must be in the Space Dandy universe (you are not required to use the universe’s language, though). 

As you see in the screenshots above, it doesn’t have to be just the photo—you can crop and add it to an in-progress Twitter status or display multiple photos on a Twitter feed.

Although the blog is titled “Meow Selfies”, it does not need to have Meow in the photo. Use a location, a bowl of ramen or even a photo of Dandy & QT—whatever you think Meow would take photos of!

Other than that, have at it! I’d love to see what everyone can come up with! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message!

I really like your art style! Your characters' faces (even the human ones) remind me of cats for some reason. And cats are rad.

Why thank you, anon!! I always have cats on the mind!!

Well, I am in need of funds while waiting for freelance payments to come in, so here are some new commission options!!


Palette sources: 100 palette

Please contact me at for questions and commission inquiries. This is also my PayPal address.


Oh my dear lord I just noticed a bad mistake. By “half body or halfbody”, I meant to type "half body or bust". Oh my lord I am so sorry XD

I’ve been due for a phone update for a couple…..few….?? years now?? So I was able to snag a Galaxy Note 3!!!!! This thing is HOLY HECK! My first smart phone and it’s a mini tablet!

After doing basic setup I immediately installed the mobile Sketchbook. I did not expect this phone to have such nice capability for sketching, so I am incredibly pleasantly surprised (you know, aside from getting caught up with the times). 

I can’t really do much more than sketching at the moment, but I will probably offer $7 sketch commissions while I’m away from the PC. 

Ack, nevermind, looks like Emofuri is for non-commercial purposes only. I'm still interested in a waist-up from you though if you're willing! <3

I could do just the PSD, and you can get someone else to help put it through EmoFuri (non-commission of course)~

Assuming you want a commission that looks like Lani, I’d estimate the price to be $60, since there is a bit of extra work involved. But, if you wanted a regular waist-up, then it would be $50.